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If you are tired of the shame & embarrassment that comes with bad credit and ready to uplevel your life - you’re in the right place.

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We are a Seattle, Washington based company serving ambitious individuals all throughout the US. Our clients are business owners, artists, and other professionals who are focused on creating financial security and building wealth.

  • Credit Debt Repair

  • Credit Rating Counseling

  • Money Habits

  • Wealth-Building



At Take Charge we believe that credit and entrepreneurship are tools that we can leverage to reduce the racial wealth gap for minorities and other underserved communities.

How are we
reducing the wealth gap?

We offer consulting, coaching, education and resources in the following areas:


Personal Credit


Business Credit




A mission as big as reducing the wealth gap, specifically the racial wealth gap, requires collaboration and we do this with strategic partnerships and community sponsors

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Want to sponsor a community member's take charge journey?

Community Sponsoring is for individuals wanting to sponsor the underserved by paying for their credit program. Click the button below to learn more about how you can support a friend today!

Wait, what is the
racial wealth gap exactly?

The average wealth for a Black household is about $14,000. Compared to about $187,000 for whites.

20% of Blacks have a negative net worth. Compared to 8% of whites.

Wealth is measured through one’s net worth. Net worth = assets - debts.

Homeownership and business ownership are the most common means to create wealth
— and both require capital.

Structural racism like voter suppression, segregation, predatory financial services, environmental injustice, our criminal justice system, redlining, and more are what led to these racial economic disparities.

But, we can not address the

racial wealth gap without addressing...

The Racial Credit Gap

The average credit score is 734 for whites, and 677 for Blacks.

This can cost a Black person about $76,000 more in interest when buying a home.

Ready to do something about it?


"From the beginning, the owner, Tierra Bonds was very knowledgeable and helped me choose the best plan based on my needs. She was very upfront about any fees, incentives, and guarantees offered by Take Charge Credit Consulting. Further securing my trust that I made a great decision to chose this company to help repair my credit. She was attentive and listened to my needs and desirable credit score. She offered great tips and pointers for me to use immediately to help boost my score a few points. I look forward to the progress. Thanks again Tierra!"
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